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About Jake Smith Real Estate

Embark on a seamless path towards your dream home in collaboration with us. We specialize in everything from finding the ideal lot and crafting your personalized sanctuary to managing permits and overseeing construction, transforming your vision into reality. With a track record of over 70 successfully completed homes, we guarantee quality backed by a Tarion warranty. Whether you decide to retain your custom home, enlist it with us, or utilize our streamlined tenant placement service, rely on us to expertly navigate each stage, ensuring the creation of your perfect home is an effortless and gratifying journey.

Our Process

We have a comprehensive process to make your dream home a reality. From preconstruction design to finishing touches, our team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is brought to life.

Property Search

We help you find the perfect property to build your dream home. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your needs and preferences and find the best options available.

Design & Construction

Our team of architects and designers will work with you to create a custom design that meets your specific needs and preferences. We will then proceed to construction, using only the highest quality materials and workmanship.

On-Site Consultations

We believe in working closely with our clients throughout the entire process. Our team will provide on-site consultations to ensure everything is going according to plan and to make any necessary adjustments.

The Finishing

We understand that the little details matter. That's why we take great care in adding the finishing touches that will make your dream home truly special.

Our Quality Guarantee

At Jake Smith Real Estate, we are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our work with a quality guarantee, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your dream home.

Ready to start building your dream home? Contact us today and tell us about your project. Our team of experts will provide you with a free estimate.

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